Just What Is A Flyer?

flyer printing in Ottawa

A flyer is a guy who is flying an airplane, no doubt. A flyer is also a passenger. A flyer could also be a road hog who’s made it a dangerous pastime to zip through traffic lights at hell-raising speeds and collects speeding tickets as a cubby-hole hobby. But a flyer is also a piece of paper. And it is such a poor pity that many folks who receive these flyers simply let them fly. They give that small bit of paper an irritating glance.

And then simply crumple it up into a ball and give it an imaginary baseball toss into no man’s land. Certainly not into the trashcan, that’s for dummies, you see. If lacking the imagination, they simply let fly. They let that wasted piece of printed paper otherwise known as the flyer, well, fly away in the air. All that you have read so far should have already told you that all this is so not good. It is called littering, dummies.

So, please don’t do that, people. But perhaps the printers of these imaginary copies should also take responsibility. As in why not go and print something really striking that that people will want to keep and go look at later. Most of the small businesses won’t go near an advertising house because they claim not to be able to afford the goods. But they could do themselves a smart favor by checking in for flyer printing in Ottawa instead.

That’s good printing that’s going to be done by local print shops these days. But smart and snappy copy and color could be included at next to no cost. But as far as littering goes, what to do. Print a disclaimer? Or do the write thing?